We are still providing a full range of services during the current COVID-19 pandemic as we feel a thorough and professional cleaning service is extremely important to help reduce the spread of this virus at our developments and therefore helping to protect our customers and the wider community.


Our general cleaning services have always and continue to use high quality and safe disinfectants to clean all touch surfaces across our sites including areas such as handrails, doors, intercom systems, desks, light switches to name a few. This is a vital practice for professional cleaning, and we are continuing to do so during this pandemic reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.


Our surface cleaner has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, virus and pathogens and has been scientifically tested to be effective against coronavirus. It also remains active on treated surfaces, keeping surfaces virus free for up to 7 days between cleans. Not only is it extremely effective it is non harmful, safe for our staff to use and is even safe to use on direct food preparation surfaces.

This ensures all our customers are getting the best possible protection from our cleaning.

We are currently following stricter practices to further help eliminate the chance of spread. This includes the maintaining of social distance with residents and personnel we encounter during our cleaning. regular hand washing and the wearing of gloves for our staff to reduce the risk of contamination between our sites. We are also carying out regular disinfecting of our vehicles and equipment.


Our services therefore effectively reduce the risk of viruses (and all other pathogens) from being transferred across touch areas at our sites and we are reducing the risk of transmission, helping to protect our staff and the residents and personel at our sites.




Deep Cleans


We are able to offer a full deep clean of areas if this is required due to known contamination or for increased peace of mind including ULV Fogging (click here for further details).