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Fogging and Deep Cleans

We are fully equipped to provide disinfectant fogging services to achieve the complete decontamination from transmissible pathogens.  


Our ULV Fogging service is a method of applying highly effective disinfectants in an atomised, extremely fine mist. This is highly effective at covering all touch surface including walls, ceilings, carpets, desks, handrails etc. and insuring the complete disinfection of all  surfaces within a treated area.


The chemical we use is extremely effective in eradicating 99.9999% of Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria, Yeasts and Spores.  It is also non-toxic and completely safe even when used on food preparation surfaces. Once treated the remaining chemical harmlessly breaks down to water, leaving areas safe and ready for immediate re-use. 


The effective disinfecting of offices, workplaces and areas with regular footfall is highly important for the management of COVID-19. This is currently essential in many business and public environments for safe and responsible virus management to minimise the risk of spread both between staff and to the wider public.


We are able to provide both a rapid response service to make areas safe to return to use as soon as possible (if known contamination has occurred) as well as regular decontamination of high risk areas to greatly reduce the risk of an outbreak and spread occurring. 


We are also able to offer additional methods during our fogging services if required or deemed more appropriate for the situation. Our methods can also include commercial steam cleaning, full carpet deep cleans and additional spray disinfectants. All our methods are extremely effective against the COVID virus and can be used as a standalone or as an additional stage to our fogging service.


Although we are hopefully over the worst of the COVID virus cases are likley to be around for the foreseeable future and effective disinfecting services will be vital to continue to contain the spread as well as to facilitate the safe working for many industries for both COVID and other pathogens.


If you need further information, advice, or a quote for any of these services please get it touch. We are happy to help all current and new customers the best we can with any of their concerns and cleaning needs during this challenging time.

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